‘All I did was write a book saying I did it’ – Tupac killer fuming after being charged with murder

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The alleged killer of Tupac Shakur is fuming today after being charged with a murder which he has effectively admitted to after putting it in writing.

Duane Davis, who admits to pursuing the rapper, and pulling alongside him, and watching him get murdered, by ‘someone else’ in his car who now happens to be dead, was absolutely livid today after being arrested for a murder which he admits to in his book.

Speaking earlier from his jail cell he fumed, “What evidence have they got that I was even there?

“Apart from my own written account of the murder of course, which clearly states that I was there, and fully part of the murder of Tupak.

“But other than that, how can they prove that I knew anything about it?

“Apart from me demonstrating that I knew every single detail about it, because I was there and watched him get killed.

“There’s not even any motive for me to do it, apart from our ongoing feud, and the massive brawl earlier in the evening.

“So I should be released immediately because this is just not fair.”

Asked if he killed Tupac he told us, “Yes. I mean, NO  – it was one of the other guys in the car. Who’s dead. So can’t be arrested.”