Liverpool declared Premier League winners as VAR officials admit mistake

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Liverpool have been awarded the Premier League title it is revealed today, along with the FA Cup, after VAR bosses admit they made an error in an offside decision.

With news emerging earlier that boss Jurgen Klopp would like to see a reply of the game against Spurs following the mistake, further news has now emerged that the Premier League title has now been awarded to Liverpool instead, just to stop them crying.

A spokesperson for the Premier League confirmed, “Yeah they’ve won the league, just give it to them.

“We can confirm that following an error made by VAR officials, we have decided to award Liverpool the Premier League title for the 2023/24 season, along with the FA Cup just to stop them moaning.

“Obviously this one single decision and cancelled out goal has completely ruined their season and they definitely would have won the league if the goal was allowed, so it seems the only fair thing to do, right?

“And we better give them the FA Cup too, or they will keep crying about not winning that because of the decision.

Liverpool fan Simon Williams told us, “Obviously there is a precedent for technological intervention denying a perfectly good goal, when Sheffield United were denied a goal against Aston Villa that would have deprived Villa of the point that kept them up.

“But the precedent is everyone has a moan, then puts on their big boy pants and gets on with the season – which I really don’t like, so we need a new precedent. Where we get wronged by technology and then get given all of the trophies.”

Asked to comment on his team dramatically winning the Premier League manager Jurgen Klopp told us “It’s not fair. We should also be awarded the Champions League, even though we’re not in it.”