GB News to address accusations of bias by exclusively revealing all the journalists Laurence Fox WOULD shag

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GB News is again facing accusations of bias after broadcasting only the names journalists that Laurence Fox insists he ‘would not shag’.

Fox has been suspended by the wannabe news channel, and executives are wary of further sanctions from Ofcom for offering only one highly-partisan opinion to their credulous viewers.

Producer Simon Williams told us, “We believe in balance here at GB News, so tonight’s show with Dan Wootton will exclusively reveal the list of journalists Laurence Fox would shag. We are going to ‘both-sides’ the shit out of this.

“We want to represent a wide range of opinions here on GB News, and we are confident that listing all the female journalists that Laurence would be willing to have intercourse with is precisely the sort of balanced reporting our viewers would appreciate.

“We were going to broadcast a list of journalists that wouldn’t shag Laurence Fox, but we’re only on air for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so we just don’t have the sort of time required to get through all those names.”

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