David Walliams sues himself for misrepresentation as a ‘popular entertainer’

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David Walliams is suing himself it has been revealed today, for gross misrepresentation as a popular and likeable entertainer.

With news emerging earlier that Walliams, who is actually called David Williams but changed his last name to be a dick, is suing Britain’s Got Talent producers, further news has now emerged that he will also be taking HIMSELF to court for claiming to be an actual ‘entertainer’ between 2012and 2022.

A spokesperson for the ‘comedian’ confirmed, “It’s the right thing to do and he needs to be held accountable.

“We can confirm that David Walliams who is actually Williams but wanted to be even more annoying, has decided to sue himself.

“There has been a clear case of misrepresentation as a popular entertainer for a number of years achieving gainful employment as a direct result and earing large sums of money which he should clearly have never earned.

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“This misrepresentation has involved TV producers, who in the belief that he was popular and liked by the general public, have placed him on prime time TV and paid him hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Obviously he is a very annoying man, of limited talent which largely revolves around pretending he might be homosexual and making stupid innuendoes, which he now fully accepts.

“And he will therefore be suing himself at court for pretending that he was ‘entertaining’ in order work on Britain’s Got Talent.”

Asked to comment on the news earlier, Simon Cowell was unable to respond as he could no longer move his mouth due to excessive surgery.

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