Man who celebrates ULEZ cameras being cut down by men in balaclavas believes Chris Packham is a terrorist

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After Chris Packham said he would consider breaking the law to protect the environment, a man who loves seeing ULEZ cameras chopped down has called him a ‘terrorist’.

Derek Wiliams, 48, reacted to Packham’s documentary where he questioned whether his breaking the law would be morally acceptable to protect the environment, by insisting it definitely would not.

He told us, “There is no excuse for breaking the law just because you don’t like what the government is doing. That’s basically terrorism. You might as well join ISIS if you’re not going to live by the laws of the land. If he breaks the law, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.”

When asked if he thought vandalism of the ULEZ expansion scheme was exactly the same thing, he disagreed.

“No, the ULEZ camera thing is completely different, because I agree with them, so it’s okay.

“I don’t get what’s so difficult for you to understand here? I am happy for gangs of men in balaclavas to go around breaking the law as long as it’s a law I don’t like – but if Chris Packham thinks he can go around breaking the law just because he doesn’t like the current law, then he should go to prison.

“Anyone who thinks differently is a woke idiot.”