‘I tripped up, fell under the van and then my jacket got caught’ – Daniel Khalife pleads not guilty to prison escape.

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Terror suspect Daniel Khalife has insisted today that he is not guilty of trying to escape from prison, after embarrassingly tripping up and falling under a van before becoming stuck until it exited the prison.

With news emerging earlier that Khalife has denied escaping from prison, despite strapping himself to the underside of a van, and going on the run from police, further news has now emerged from his lawyers of what actually really happened.

Defence lawyer Simon Williams, acting for Khalife confirmed, “He’s innocent. It’s just a big misunderstanding.

“It’s actually pretty embarrassing really, he feels like such a klutz.

“So, what ACTUALLY happened, funny story. He was working in the kitchen as usual, then he went out into the yard for something, and there was a van there.

“At which point he tripped up and fell underneath the van then got caught on the underside of the vehicle with some bedsheets which he had wrapped around his body because he was feeling cold.

“The van then went to set off out of the prison and he was literally too embarrassed to say anything.  I mean, hilarious or what!

“It’s like something out of You’ve Been Framed.”

Asked why he didn’t then turn himself in to the police, or return to the prison afterwards, we were told, “He was just cringing from the fall, and worried the other prisoners would laugh at his clumsiness! He’s so dozy!”