David Walliams launches right-wing conspiracy theory podcast

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Popular left-wing comedian David Walliams has launched his own right-wing conspiracy theory podcast for no reason whatsoever, it has emerged.

The comedian, best known for his hit show Mocking the Afflicted in the early 2000s, has long been known for his left-of-centre opinions, including supporting Jeremy Corbyn when he was Labour leader.

However, his new Podcast – titled The MSM is the Matrix devoted to crushing the innocent – has taken a different line, espousing a number of views from outside the mainstream, including that ‘they’ are lying to you about everything, and the real Nazis are in Ukraine.

“It’s a mystery why a man with such ardent left-wing credentials would suddenly start to cultivate a rabid audience of people who will lap up every single thing you say so long as it includes the words ‘woke’ and ‘the blob’,” said media expert Simon Williams.

“His first episode is all about how cancel culture is wrong and just a way for the establishment to silence dissenting voices and nothing more.

“It’s so weird. Who can say why he’s done this?”