Woman who turned TV volume down during loud bit now can’t hear what people are saying

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A woman who turned down the volume on the TV during what she described as an ‘unnecessarily loud bit’ is now unable to hear a conversation between two of the characters, according to reports today.

Sharon Williams and her husband Simon were watching Spider-man Homecoming on Netflix when Sharon felt she was left with no option but to turn the volume down.

“There’s a bit where spider-man is clinging to the outside of a plane, and it was VERY noisy. Why does it need to be that loud? I can see he’s outside a plane, I don’t need to hear what it’s like to cling to a plane. We get it. It’s loud.

“Of course the next minute he’s on the ground having a chat and then suddenly it’s all bloody whispers – what’s the point of that?

“I spend half my time turning the bloody sound up and down while Simon sits next to me tutting. Just make it a nice medium volume all the way through, is that too much to ask?”

Husband Simon told us, “I’ve tried explaining that the sound in any film is an important part of the audio-visual experience – there’s even an Oscar for sound mixing for heaven’s sake.

“These people are very well paid because they have the ability to decide what the sound should be like, when it should be loud and put you on edge, and when it should be quiet to draw you in. It’s a skill which requires lots of training and experience.

“She thinks those people are complete idiots, for the record.”