Rishi Sunak commits to net zero leadership by 2025

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed his commitment today to net zero leadership by 2025.

With news emerging earlier that the government is expected to water down plans around the reduction in production of petrol cars and gas boilers, further news has now emerged that the Prime Minister is expected to announce a firm commitment to net-zero leadership, insisting he will show no leadership whatsoever as early as 2025.

A Spokesperson for the government confirmed “We think it can be done.

“The Prime Minister will confirm today his ambitious plans of achieving net-zero leadership by 2025, with absolutely no leadership shown at all.

“Obviously this is likely to be taken out of his hands anyway as the years progress. And when we lose the general election he should easily achieve his target.

“However, in the unlikely event that we do cling on to power, despite you know… everything, Rishi Sunak is confident that he can continue to show unprecedented levels of inaction over every single issue facing the country, and that he will be doing literally nothing by 2025.

“Essentially, Rishi is promising there will be net-zero leadership over the next twelve months, no matter what happens. 

“He will basically just do nothing.”

Asked if he would perhaps just look at ONE issue over the next few months, such as public sector strikes, or inflation or anything, we were told “No”.

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