Man pivots seamlessly from criticising trans rights for ‘threatening women’s safety’ to defending Russell Brand as ‘no threat to women’s safety’

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A man who spends many hours a week abusing people online in the name of ‘women’s safety’ has today insisted there is a conspiracy against Russell Brand because he clearly represents no threat to the safety of women in his general vicinity.

Following the expose in the Sunday Times, and the Channel 4 Dispatches investigation, which revealed at least five women who allege various sexual crimes by Russell Brand, Simon Williams has been quick to insist you should never condemn someone if they haven’t been found guilty in a court of law.

However, he was uncomfortable when it was pointed out that the trans people he was so fond of protesting against had never been found guilty of anything in a court of law.

Williams defended himself, telling us, “My position is perfectly consistent: trans women are a threat to the safety of women because if they’re allowed into women’s spaces, they might abuse those rights to abuse the women in there. Whereas Russell Brand isn’t a threat to women because the only women who say he is a threat to them are just gold-digging sluts.

“There is no hypocrisy there, and if you’re seeing it, then it’s because you’re either a cuck, or a groomer – which I’ve decided is now the nom-du-jour for anyone I disagree with online. And no, I do not have any evidence of you doing any grooming, and no, I do not think that is hypocritical, either.”

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A friend of Williams told us, “I’m beginning to wonder if the safety of women is actually all that important to him after all.

“It’s starting to look like he just enjoys having an excuse to go online and abuse minority groups he doesn’t like, and to aggressively defend the people he does like. Logical consistency isn’t something he’s particularly concerned with, clearly.

“It’s almost like the protection of women is just a minor secondary inconvenience alongside his main aim of being a shit to people he doesn’t like online.”

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