‘Why didn’t these women come forward sooner’ ask men immediately dismissing them as ‘lying slags looking for a payday’

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A man has today asked why the women accusing Russell Brand of sexual assault didn’t come forward sooner, before immediately dismissing them as lying slags clearly only looking for a big payday.

As more women come forward claiming they were assaulted by Brand following the allegations that were revealed over the weekend, precisely the sort of men you are picturing right now have already begun questioning the claims of the alleged victims.

Many are keen to understand why the women whose characters they are currently dragging through the mud in the most public way possible, did not volunteer to come forward to go through this entire experience much earlier.

Simon Williams told us, “I don’t understand why these women didn’t come forward sooner, to be doubted, publicly ridiculed and abused by men like me?

“Just because only 1% of reported rapes result in a conviction is no reason for these women to keep quiet when it allegedly happened to them.

“It all just reeks of conspiracy to me. Who would you rather believe? Someone who joked on stage about making women cry during a forced blowjob, or a woman who literally visited a rape crisis centre for emergency contraception after being allegedly raped by Russell Brand?

“It’s CLEARLY the comedian you should believe – you big idiot.

“Anyway, you should never believe anonymous sources, everyone knows that.

“I want to see these women on the front page of the newspaper, with pages and pages of stories written by men who’ve been through their bins and spoken to every single man they’ve dated in the last fifteen years, while tabloid experts question their mental health.

“Only then will we learn the truth, which I have already decided is that they’re lying.”