‘The silence is deafening’: West Ham United criticised for failing to publicly condemn Russell Brand

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West Ham United have so far remained silent on the accusations against one of their most high-profile supporters, with many suggesting this makes them equally culpable.

The premier league club has failed to criticise Russell Brand over the sexual assault allegations facing him, leading many to believe they not only condone his behaviour, but support it.

Campaigner Simon Williams told us, “It is a universal law of social media that when someone commits an atrocity, any high-profile social group to which belong to must publicly disavow them, or they should be held liable.

“When a Trump fan shoots people, the Trump organisation is blamed; when people die at a Black Lives Matter event, BLM are blamed; when a Muslim murders someone, Islam is blamed. It’s often the first thing people do when someone does something awful – ask ‘what are their affiliations’.

“So I don’t see why West Ham should get away scot-free now they have an alleged sexual predator in their midst?

“The fact that it’s been 48 hours and they’ve yet to say a word about it actually speaks volumes. They probably approve of sexual assault. They’re probably cheering Russell on in the background, away from the cameras and reporters.

“But is anyone really surprised? West Ham have had James Corden in their ranks for decades, but have never said a word about it.

“Not that Corden has done anything illegal, he’s just incredibly annoying.”