Man insisting American Bully XL’s should not be banned also surprisingly reluctant to leave his kids alone with one

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A man who is insisting today that the American Bully XL should not be banned in the UK is also surprisingly reluctant to leave his kids in the same room alone with one while he quickly nips to the toilet. 

Simon Williams, who owns two Bully XL’s which he keeps in a cage in the garden, insisted they shouldn’t be banned earlier, claiming that they were the softest and friendliest dogs you could meet and would never hurt a fly – probably – if he ever risked letting them off the lead. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “This is a terrible decision, these are harmless dogs, if they are kept away from people and other dogs.

“I am absolutely shocked that this breed could be banned as they are completely harmless, when prevented from interacting with anyone or any thing. 

“Obviously I don’t leave the kids alone with them, you know – just in case. 

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“And I can’t let them off the lead in the park either, you know – just in case.

“And we are not able to employ a dog walker or anything, or put them in kennels when we go on holiday,  you know – just in case.

“But other than that I have no idea why anyone would suggest that they should be considered dangerous. 

Asked where his dogs are now we were told, “In the yard at the back, in a locked cage – just in case.”