‘Not like that!’ scream racists as Keir Starmer suggests alternative way to stop small boats

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In news that will shock absolutely no one, it appears racists don’t actually care about small boats or the people smugglers encouraging vulnerable people to make dangerous journeys, after Keir Starmer suggested an alternative way of stopping the risky journeys, but not the asylum claims themselves.

Twitter is awash with red-faced simpletons currently furious that the Labour leader has seen right through their transparent calls for the end of small boats and illegal people smuggling operations.

Twitter user Simon Williams told us, “It’s almost as if the whole ‘small boats’ thing was cover for some other sentiment lurking just beneath the surface. I mean, if they really cared about stopping people smugglers, and about vulnerable asylum seekers being forced to cross the channel in small boats, then surely they’d welcome any deal with the EU that made people smugglers redundant?

“I guess what they really meant when they said ‘no more small boats’ was ‘no more asylum seekers’ – but they preferred talking about small boats rather than the migrants themselves because that always sounded a bit racist – which, you know, it is.

“Non-morons have always known the government could stop the small boats tomorrow, if they wanted to, just by simply providing a safe way for people to claim asylum in the UK. But they don’t, because they don’t want any migrants. It’s never been about the boats; that’s just a convenient cover for all the racist dog whistles.

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“If you’re wondering whether you are one of the racists, or not, then ask yourself this simple question: if the UK took in exactly the same number of asylum seekers next year as this year, but there wasn’t a single small boat or people smuggler involved, and they all applied through approved routes, would you be happy?

“If you wouldn’t, then you don’t actually care about boat crossings and people smuggling; you care about stopping lots of brown people coming into the country.

“You big racist.”