Peppa Pig to introduce first racist character

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Children’s television programme Peppa Pig is to introduce the show’s first racist character, it has been revealed. 

Just twelve months afte the popular children’s cartoon featured its first same-sex couple during an episode, the show’s first openly racist character is set to be revealed next week, in the interests of ‘balance’. 

A spokesperson for Channel 5 told us, “He’s going to be a Brexiteer too, and a little homophobic.

“We want our show to represent all of the wonderfully diverse sections of our great society, which is why we have included a same-sex couple in the show, along with a racist twat who generally hates everyone even moderately different from himself.

“This show is watched by millions of impressionable children and it’s important that we give them a clear understanding of the world that they are growing up into.

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“Which is full of amazingly kind and wonderful people, and also quite a lot of c**ts.”

Asked what the character will be, and what he will be called we were told, “We think we’ll stick with another pig, but he’ll hate absolutely every other animal and demand that they leave the country. You’ll also notice he is a slightly deeper shade of pink than all the other pigs.

“We think we’ll call him, Tommy, or Nigel or something like that, and yes, he’ll probably be a Tory.”