Daniel Khalife spotted putting up large poster of Rita Hayworth on his prison cell wall

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Terror suspect Daniel Khalife has been spotted today putting up a large poster of Rita Hayworth on his prison cell wall, whilst holding a small rock hammer.

The poster, which he purchased in the prison kitchen earlier from another inmate, along with a hollowed-out Bible was delivered to his room this afternoon by a prison guard who was subsequently tipped with 3 packets of Chesterfield cigarettes.

Inmate Simon Williams confirmed, “I think he’s just a fan of the legendary actress. And wanted a REALLY big picture of her, for his prison cell.

“And the small rock hammer is just so he can carve chess pieces or something. So he says. None of this has anything to do with an intricate escape plan or anything like that.

“He just likes Rita Hayworth, and large posters.

“Obviously the prison authorities have agreed he can have the items, because they seem like reasonable requests, and what could possibly go wrong?”

Asked if he has requested anything else to go in his cell we were told, “No that’s it. But nobody can move the poster for some reason. Ever. He gets really tetchy about that.”