Schools are only crumbling because the left-wing Wokerati made us cut the school repair budget in half, insists Government

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After news emerged that Chancellor Rishi Sunak halved the schools repair budget in 2021, just two years before a number of schools were forced to close buildings due to crumbling concrete, government officials have insisted the left-wing wokerati made them do it.

The former permanent secretary of the Department for Education said funding for school repairs was halved in 2021 as then Chancellor Sunak sought to save money. An allegation the prime minister strenuously denies.

Sunak told reporters, “There were many difficult financial decisions to be made in 2021, and bear in mind we’d just given over £200m to Michel Mone’s company for PPE that we’d never be able to use, so we had to watch the pennies.

“Keeping kids safe at school just didn’t seem like a big priority when we still had millions to give to our mates and the brand new PPE supply companies they’d all set up.

“Plus, given the rate at which we were going through prime ministers, how were we to know a decision in 2021 would come back to bite us 2023 – we could all have been long gone by then.

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“Anyway, if it wasn’t for the left-wing wokerati these schools would all be fine. There would be no crumbling concrete if it wasn’t for pronouns and unisex toilets.

“Is concrete woke? Probably.

“But no, I have not yet been able to draw a credible link between culture war issues and the crumbling schools, but we will find one, I promise you. And when we do, you’ll never hear the end of it.”

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