Rest of the world agrees that America sounds well sophisticated not pronouncing the ‘h’ in herb

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The rest of the world has admitted that whenever Americans choose not to pronounce the ‘h’ in herb, they sound really cool and sophisticated.

“Yeah, we were all watching TV and this American was doing some cooking and just went – hey can someone pass me those ‘erbs’.” explained Wales, a country roughly the size of Wales.

“We were all like ‘woah – classy. This guy is really sophisticated. He’s not like some average guy who just says herb like a knuckle-dragging troglodyte’.”

India agreed.

“Whenever we hear an American say ‘erb’, without the ‘h’, we just think – wow, I bet they live in a really fancy mansion somewhere and have a butler and know which wine to have with fish and everything.”

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Even France had to admit that America sounds pretty classy by not pronouncing the ‘h’.

“Hey, we’re France, we know what’s sophisticated thanks to all our chateaus and champagne and philosophy and everything and we definitely think America sounds totally posh when it says ‘erb’.

“I mean we are properly sophisticated, but pronouncing herb ‘erb’ – wow! We take our beret off to you.”

The rest of the world has also assured America that it doesn’t make the wanker sign behind America’s back when it says ‘erb’ because, as previously stated, they think America sounds well sophisticated when it does that.

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