“Growing up in poverty never did me any harm” insists man psychologically compelled to wish similar hardship on others

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A man has taken to social media to explain that people shouldn’t worry about not having enough money to heat their homes or put food on the table, because it never did him any harm whatsoever.

Derek Williams was a post-war baby, and has what he now describes as ‘fond’ childhood memories of ice on the insider of his bedroom window, getting dressed under the blanket of his bed to avoid getting too cold, and having one bath a week on a Sunday.

Derek went on, “It made me who I am – a well-rounded individual being who has no problem whatsoever watching other people suffer completely unnecessarily.

“In fact, they need this suffering, because I endured it in my youth, and so they need to ensure it as well. It will do them good. Which is a perfectly normal response to trauma – you know, being happy to see others endure the same thing you do. The fact that I see it as ‘character building’ and not trauma is also perfectly normal.”

After it was pointed out that society and living conditions have moved on a great deal since he was a child living in a house with no central heating and an outside toilet, Derek remained defiant.

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He went on, “It doesn’t matter that society and technology have moved on significantly in the last fifty years, the important thing is that I suffered, and so other people shouldn’t have an issue with suffering either.

“I don’t see why I’m the bad guy here just because I don’t think it’s a big deal that parents are having to decide between heating their home and feeding their kids in the year 2023.

“Everyone is too soft. We should bring back the national service that I was never required to do.”