Birds also think the government is full of lying twats

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After the RSPB was forced to publicly apologise for calling the government ‘liars’ after they told a lie, birds everywhere have insisted that the RSPB does not speak for them.

The RSPB apologised on its Twitter account after calling the Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Therese Coffey liars after they introduced legislation making it easier for developers to pollute the environments in which they build, despite promising not to weaken environmental legislation.

However, birds across the country, who the RSPB claims to protect, were unwilling to back down from the claims.

“I think they’re all lying twats, and I genuinely don’t care who knows it,” explained Surrey-based Blue Tit, Simon Williams.

“I’ve no idea who leant on the RSPB, but they don’t speak for me, or my friends. We all think the government are lying twats. It shouldn’t be controversial to call someone a liar when they’ve demonstrably been shown to have lied.

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“They promised not weaken any environmental protections, but now they’re introducing legislation making it easier for builders and developers to ignore the adverse environmental impacts of their developments.

“I’m also sure it’s just a coincidence that 20% of Tory donations come from developers, and that their share prices all took a nice big leap when this legislation was announced. Purely a coincidence.

“So yes, twats. And liars. The lot of them.”

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