You can’t trust the MSM because they’re just trying to make money, says man who gets his ‘news’ from a YouTube channel just trying to sell him brain pills

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A man has today insisted that you can’t trust the mainstream media because its riven with corporate interests who are only out to make a profit, unlike the YouTube channel he treats as his primate news source which only spends half its time trying to sell him suspicious-sounding health supplements.

Simon Williams, who claims not to have read a newspaper or watched television news in years, insists he is better informed than everyone simply because he believes his preferred source of news isn’t driven by a profit motive.

He told us, “No, the brain-enhancing pills they sell in between all the news segments are really just a sideline to help cover the costs of delivering the news.

“I’m sure they don’t make any real money from it. I imagine their real motivation for doing what they do is to ensure people like me are as well-informed as it’s possible to be.

“And if we buy a few hundred brain pills a month along the way, then so be it.”

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However, non-moron Mike Henry told us, “If I can convince you that there is a secret cabal of globalist elites secretly trying to take away all your freedoms using chemtrails, then it’s an absolute piece of piss to convince you to pay £50 for a tub of vitamins that I claim will give you brain power.

“We used to say a fool and his money are soon parted, but these days it should be a ‘an independent-media-consuming self-identifying free-thinker and his money are soon parted’.”

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