London’s ULEZ scheme comes into force today. We asked you what you thought, and this is what you told us

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London’s ULEZ scheme has been extended to Greater London today, ensuring the most highly pollluting cars will have to pay £12.50 a day to use capitals roads around London.

We sent out reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the burning issue of the day. This is what you you told us.

“It’s basically communism to force cleaner air into the lungs of the capital’s children.”
Sharon Dubois, Primary School Teacher

“£12.50 a day to drive my shit tip of a car around London is a price worth paying to own the Libs.”
Derek Matthews, Grocer

“Laurence Fox said ULEZ is a bad thing, and he speaks for 1.9% of London and 2.3% of Uxbridge, so I think we should definitely listen to him.”
Greg Walters, Hand Model

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“There are nearly three thousand ULEZ cameras across London, I don’t see how I can be expected to be selfie-ready that many times in one day.”
Deirdre Deplantis, Retired Butcher

“Forcing paedos out of noisy diesel vans and into silent electric vehicles means the kids won’t even hear them coming – this is Khan’s nonce-friendly capital in action!”
Ron, just Ron, None Of Your Business

What do YOU think about ULEZ? Why not let us know in the comments of your preferred social media platform? Or you could just howl them into the void through the nearest open window, it’ll have much the same effect.

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