Loathsome left-wing autocrat launches evil dystopian scheme to force cleaner air on London’s children

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Sadiq Khan’s Ulez scheme has begun in Greater London as part of his unrelentingly selfish pursuit of cleaner air for the children living in the capital.

Despite being surrounded by controversy, Khan’s Ulez scheme has been launched today and will now restrict access to London’s outer roads for some of the most polluting cars in circulation.

Hayes resident and Ulez opponent, Simon Williams, told us, “If children have to develop breathing difficulties so I can drive around outer London in my fifteen-year-old diesel car, then so be it. That is the price they will have to pay for my freedom.

“That selfish prick Khan with his big fat smug face looks so pleased with himself for taking another small step towards forcing cleaner air into the lungs of London’s children. How DARE he decide what sort of air our children should breathe! That’s the job of a parent, not some communist in his ivory tower.

“Ulez is going to ruin the local economy because I have decided to ignore the fact that 90% of cars won’t be affected by this at all, and I will instead focus on how it’s going to affect me personally, while also insisting to anyone who’ll listen that it’s all part of a conspiracy to restrict all of our freedoms. Somehow.

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“I’m not that big on the detail, but I saw online that George Soros is behind it. Which means it’s really bad.

“It’s also going to force all the paedos out of diesel vans and into electric cars, which means the kids won’t even hear them coming!

“This is the nonce-friendly London Sadiq Khan really wants!”

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