Republicans demand an end to the death penalty after seeing “innocent man” charged by the justice system

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The American justice system can not be trusted, and as such we should put an end to the death penalty, according to all Trump supporters today.

With Trump’s 90th criminal indictment now in place, supporters of his have begun to question the validity of any legal system that could consider him even remotely capable of committing a crime.

Trump supporter and Republican voter Chuck Williams told us, “Trump is innocent, I know it, he knows it, the American public knows it, and yet they continue to pursue him through the courts with the aim of seeing him found guilty of a crime we all know he didn’t commit.

“It makes me question the guilt of all other criminals currently behind bars. I know America imprisons a higher proportion of its population than any other country on earth, and now I know why. It’s political.

“We simply can’t trust the outcome of any trial, because it could have been politically motivated. The justice system has proven itself to be perfectly capable of putting innocent people behind bars – Trump has just opened the eyes of the Republican movement to the levels of injustice in our system.

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“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it obviously means the death penalty has to come to an end.

“Yes, I know it’s a big part of Republican politics to insist the death penalty serves as a deterrent, but if we’ve learned nothing else in the last few weeks, it’s that the justice system is far from infallible.

“How can we put to death someone who has gone through the exact same system that is prosecuting Donald Trump. It doesn’t make any sense.

“I’ve always thought it was a bit weird we were the pro-life party that wants to kill people, but at least now my position is a little more consistent.”