Republicans now in support of trans rights after Donald Trump self-identifies as 215 lbs

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MAGA supporters across America have declared that self-identification is actually okay, now that Donald Trump has identified as a man weighing just 215lb.

After surrendering to Fulton County while insisting he will never surrender, Trump listed his weight as 215lb, much to the bemusement of anyone who has seen a photo of him recently.

Voter Chuck Williams told us, “I’ve seen six foot three inch men who weight 215lbs, and they don’t look like Donald Trump – they’re usually professional athletes. The only way he weighs 215lbs is if he is hollow from the waist down.

“I know there’s not much weight above the neck, and from the wrists down those tiny hands only weigh a couple ounces, but it’s a stretch to see him down at 215lbs.

“But look, if he wants to identify as a 215lb white man, then that’s his right. It’s up to him. If he wants to live his life as a 215lb man, then I have no issue with that. If he wants to use services that are not safe for people who weigh more than 220lbs, then so be it – but let’s be clear, this means he supports self-identification for everyone, or else we’re going to have to see him get on the scales and prove he’s 215lbs.

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“It’s not fat shaming; not one person was questioning his weight in those Fulton county photos until he decided to self-identify as 215lbs. Either self-ID is okay, or it’s not, pick a lane Donald.”

Others have demanded evidence of Trump’s weight, with one telling us, “Back in 2011 Trump was a big part of the ‘Birther’ movement questioning Barack Obama’s place of birth, so it feels fitting that he’s now subject to his very own ‘Girther’ movement.”

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