‘Schoolboy error’ – Man opens recently finished dishwasher to grab a single clean mug, right in front of his wife

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A man has committed a schoolboy error today after opening the dishwasher which had recently completed its cycle to remove a single mug, right in front of his wife.

Simon Williams, who normally pretends he hasn’t seen that the dishwasher has finished and waits for his wife to empty it, committed his error earlier after taking a cup from inside it as normal whilst having a conversation with his wife.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I just totally forgot she was watching me, I think my mind was distracted.

“Obviously I hate emptying the dishwasher, so I very rarely do it, which basically involves pretending I don’t know it’s full of clean dishes until the wife empties it.

“Sometimes you may need something out of it, or inadvertently open it to put a dirty dish in and realise it’s full, but as long as nobody sees you, then you can just close it again and pretend you didn’t know.

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“However, I just totally forgot she was watching me this morning, and just got a nice clean mug out for myself, before promptly closing the door again.

“She went – and I think this is the technical term – f**king mental, asking me if I always do this because she seems to empty the dishwasher a hell of a lot.”

Asked if he admitted that he does this all the time, we were told, “No. And don’t tell her about the washing machine either, or when I pretend to be asleep if I hear the kids crying.”