Everyone mentally converting GCSE numbers into proper grades

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After this year’s GCSE results were released, everyone is busy converting them in their heads into a format they actually understand, rather than the 1-9 scoring system that has been used. 

With the grades composed of the numbers from 1-9 being awarded for all subjects, literally every result is being converted into a letter before people decide whether it’s any good or not.

Sharon Smith told us, “My son said he got a six in Maths, and then waited for my reaction.  We stood there, completely still, for what felt like an age with me searching his face for a clue to what that meant, before he finally relented and said ‘that’s a ‘B’ mum’, at which point I was allowed to smile – mostly with relief.

“Six is good, oh thank God. I mean, it makes sense, right? Six is up there near the top of the numbers; so it’s very intuitive when you think about it.”

Employers have said they are also planning to map GCSE numbers onto letters before deciding who should get the awful job doing all the filing crap that no one else wants to do.

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However, some students have actively welcomed the change, claiming it presents new opportunities to succeed.

16-year-old Jake Williams told us, “I’ve never been a good student, so my parents don’t have particularly high expectations from today, but this change in the grading system is pretty good news.

“I’ve told my mum and dad that number 1 is the best number you can get, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be delighted when they see my grades.

“I might even be able to get a few driving lessons out of this.”

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