If you can remember your password then it’s hopelessly inadequate, warn researchers

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A team of researchers has discovered that the use of graphics cards as surrogate supercomputers could spell trouble for people who use passwords that they are capable of remembering.

The researchers, led by Richard Boyd from the Georgia Tech Research Institute, have advised that it would be safer to use a combination of at least 12 characters of upper and lower case letters, symbols, digits and high-pitched shrieks that you have absolutely no chance of remembering unless you write them all down.

However, the research team have also strongly advised that you do not write them all down.

“The only way to keep your information safe is to make your password so secure that even you can’t remember it,” said Mr Boyd.

“In fact, our research suggests that the best way to set a password would be to close your eyes and hit the keyboard several dozen times with your elbows.”

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Many users of online services have praised the research and welcomed the advisory measures designed to keep their information secure.

One such user told us, “After reading the new advice I’ve taken on board their suggestions, and can now sleep easy in the knowledge that no-one, including me, will be able to access my details online.

“Obviously, it’s a little bit frustrating that I can’t actually take advantage of any of the online services to which I subscribe, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

Identity theft has become so common that the research team are also suggesting users deliberately give the wrong answers when setting their security questions, as determined thieves can easily find a users true personal details.

“If your mothers maiden name is Smith, tell the system it is ‘XFGJOfafj!@Dfjadf’, or something similar.

“This way, when you can’t remember a password you never knew, you won’t be able to inadvertently learn it.”