Every UK airport to be prefixed with the word ‘London’

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After London Oxford airport, joined London Luton, London Stansted and London Gatwick, plans have been announced to rename every mainland UK airport by pre-fixing each address with the word London.

The move is seen as a way increasing tourism to those parts of the country not normally visited by foreign holiday makers, by luring in visitors not familiar with the concept of maps.

62 year-old American Jethrow Walton told us, “We took a trip to London last year and it was rubbish.

“We flew into an area of London known as ‘Luton’, but we couldn’t find anything about it in the guide books.

“After 10 days of wandering around housing estates which appeared to be a homage to the fallen eastern bloc countries, we left for home quite disappointed.”

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Airport owners have been quick to defend the renaming decision, “Okay, so they’re not technically IN London, but where do you draw the line?

“10 miles away like London Heathrow? 30 miles away like London Gatwick? 60 miles like London Oxford? 300 miles like London Newcastle?

“We are confident this will significantly raise the profile of some of our smaller regional airports.

“Plus, all those stupid international visitors are likely to land and spend money on site before realising they are slap bang in the middle of f**king nowhere.”