Butterfly turns into a moth after listening to the Sisters of Mercy

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A local butterfly has ‘gone moth’ and changed its name to Lucius Doomskull after listening to Floodland once too often, it has emerged.

Lucius, who until recently was a Cabbage White and enjoyed nothing more than flittering from flower to flower on a sunny afternoon, now is clad in shades of ashen grey and sits on a leaf, artfully silhouetted ‘neath the silver circlet of the full moon, whilst writing heartfelt poetry about how all the other butterflies are insensitive wankers who don’t get it.

Friends said that Lucius had started staying out all night and making sure his wings had lots of dew on them so they’ll catch the light just so, and was recently found proboscis-down in a pile of ketamine.

“It all started when he flew into an open window and heard Lucretia, My Reflection playing on some human’s stereo. He spent all afternoon flapping his wings like, two flaps forward, two flaps back, and slowly waving his antennae in meaningful patterns,”  said Red Admiral Simon Williams.

“It’s just a phase,” he added. “Like the time he heard Iron Maiden for the first time and spent an hour furiously banging his head against the casement window.

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“I remember when I’d just pupated I wanted to be a Rusty Tussock Moth because I thought they were all romantic with their going out until 4am with all the other strange nocturnal creatures, but then I had to start getting up in the morning and going round collecting nectar so that was that.”

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