Saudi clubs reluctant to sign Mason Greenwood as his attitudes towards women considered ‘too liberal’

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After it was announced Mason Greenwood would be leaving Manchester United, the expected race among Saudi clubs to sign the young England international has yet to take place due to concerns over his attitudes to women.

A spokesperson for Saudi Pro League side Al-hilal told us, “Obviously when a very talented player becomes available, we are interested in bringing them to our league.

“However, there are concerns that his attitudes towards women might not be a good cultural fit here in Saudi Arabia.

“He believes, for example, that women drivers are good thing, and that women voting in elections is not a threat to democracy.

“These are not beliefs we can simply brush under the carpet, no matter how expertly weaved and expensive that carpet it might be.”

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However, after being played the audio recording that led to Greenwood’s arrest in 2022 for attempted rape and assault, the club spokesperson said the door was never closed entirely.

Went on, “Interesting. That recording certainly shows potential. Maybe he does have what it takes to make a home in Saudi Arabia?

“We’ll have our people throw an enormous bag of cash at his people and see where we go from there.”

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