Removing the ability to block accounts has nothing to do with people repeatedly blocking my last few remaining advertisers, insists Elon Musk

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Elon Musk’s attempts to remove the block feature from Twitter is nothing to do with a concerted effort from non-paying Twitter users to block any account that advertises in their feed.

With the removal of the ‘block’ feature merely the latest in a long line of decisions designed to make his platform even worse for long-time users, many have pointed out that he only wants to remove it because it’s one of the few features that works precisely as advertised.

Twitter users Simon Williams told us, “Blocking people is useful, particularly when you get those annoying low-quality trolls who’ve managed to gather an entire dozen followers in all their years of tweeting, and who just seem to revel in being wrong about everything.

“The world is a much better place when it looks like they don’t even exist.

“Then there are all the low-quality advertisers. Yes, we know Elon is struggling for cash-flow, but the type of ads appearing now are just awful. So yes, I block every single one of them, and I know there are millions of people out there doing exactly the same.

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“So of course this is going to affect Elon’s advertising revenue. It’s very hard to attract bottom-feeding advertisers if your entire audience can choose not to see bottom feeders with the click of a single button.

“Yes, Elon is currently pitching the removal of the block feature as a free speech issue, or pretending that people make better decisions when they can’t hide from criticism, but we all know the truth. It’s because it’s hurting his bottom line.

“Nothing more, nothing less.

“You’ll know this is the reality of the situation when he decides not to remove the block feature after all, but instead finds a way to make it impossible to block all of his new low-quality bottom feeding advertisers.”