Man calling for the return of the death penalty just going to go ahead and pretend people like Andrew Malkinson don’t exist

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All of the Internet’s predictable mouth-breathers are today revelling in the prospect of a return to capital punishment, despite recent evidence that the court system is far from infallible.

Simon Williams told us, “Killing people who have committed truly horrific crimes should be the default position in ANY civilised society, and if a few innocent people get killed along the way, then that’s a price I’m happy to pay in order to satisfy my vengeance-related bloodlust.

“Well, no, it’s not a ‘price worth paying’ if I’m the innocent person being killed, obviously. But that’s pretty unlikely.

“Sure, you can point to Andrew Malkinson who was recently released from prison despite being given a life sentence for a rape he didn’t commit as a good reason not to reintroduce capital punishment, but actually it’s just another argument FOR the death penalty.

“You think that showing me someone released from prison a couple of weeks ago, after serving 17 years for a horrendous crime they didn’t actually commit, is going to make me change my mind on killing people found guilty of committing other horrendous crimes?

“You couldn’t be more wrong. If we’d just executed Andrew Malkinson seventeen years ago then there would have been no expensive appeal court appearances, and we’d all be none the wiser to his innocence. So we wouldn’t even care about it.

“You can’t feel bad about something if you don’t even know it happened.”

“Checkmate liberals.”

When it was pointed out that people on death row are significantly more expensive to keep in prison than people serving life sentences, Williams just doubled down.

He went on, “We’ll just get rid of the appeal system then. Let’s just kill them the very day they’re found guilty.

“And why use an expensive sterilised medical facility to kill them? Let’s just dig a hole in the ground and throw rocks at them until they’re dead.

“No, I’m nothing like the Taliban, shut up!”