Woman enters frantic second hour searching for ‘money off’ coupon at supermarket checkout

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A woman has entered a frantic second hour searching for a money off coupon at her local supermarket checkout today.

Sharon Williams, who knows she has a coupon somewhere, was spotted earlier frantically emptying her purse on the checkout after remembering she’d put the coupon in there last week when she received it in the post.

Speaking earlier, a visibly shaken and sweating Williams told us at the till, “It’s in here somewhere I know it. I f**king put it in there myself.

“I remember getting the coupon last week in the post and thinking ‘don’t forget to use that when you go shopping’.

“So I put it in my purse, with all the other coupons, store cards, cash cards, vouchers, receipts, tickets, money and general reams of shite that I stuff inside my purse.

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“But now I can’t seem to find it – I just can’t work it out, I’ll have to look again.

“This is actually so embarrassing, I’m really really sorry, but I just can’t bear not to use it, I’ll be kicking myself for days.

“I know there’s a massive queue behind me and everyone is looking at me, but I just have to… GET THE F**K IN. FOUND IT! Thank God for that.

“5p off if you spend over £12.50 on toilet roll.”

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