‘Absolute idiots undertaking on a motorway’ says man driving at 55mph in middle lane for two hours

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A man is furious today after a number of ‘absolute idiots’ decided to inexplicably undertake him whilst driving at a very reasonable 55mph in the middle lane of the motorway.

Derek Williams, who had remained in the middle lane for at least 45 minutes on the M40 and a further hour and a half on the M6 explained his anger earlier after pulling across two lanes of traffic at 40mph in order to stop at some services.

Speaking earlier he told us “How do these people get a licence? Really?

“Absolute lunatics on the road actually UNDERTAKING me on a motorway, with six of them beeping their horns.

“They could have caused an accident, they need to be arrested driving like that – it’s completely unsafe and it was happening throughout my journey.

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“There I was proceeding along the carriageway at a very reasonable 55 mph in the middle lane, which is well within the speed limit, when a host of other vehicles began SPEEDING on the inside of me what must have been at least 71mph and simply undertook my car.

“Forty years I have been driving and I have never been involved in an accident on the motorway, that I am aware of, although I’ve seen plenty of incidents around me.

“I just wish people would take a leaf out of my book, and learn how to bloody drive properly.”

Asked if he is aware that the middle lane is actually for overtaking, he told us, “I overtook a lorry on the M6 after 20 minutes so yes, thank you, I am.”

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