Man on the verge of a breakdown after trying to fold pop-up beach tent

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A man is on the verge of a mental breakdown after spending forty-five minutes trying to fold away a pop-up beach tent.

Simon Williams, 35, who bought the tent online thinking it would be a nice way to keep himself and the kids out of the sun while they spent the day at the beach, now believes the device was constructed by the devil himself as a way to torture those still living.

A clearly exasperated and out of breath Williams told us, “I don’t get it, the instructions make it sound all so simple. Lie it flat, bring the sides up like this, then sort of fold it in on itself – just those three steps. But they don’t mention the fact that the tent will spring back into shape at the tiniest hint of you getting it wrong.

“Then it just sits there, all fully erect, laughing at me.

“I’ve tried, repeatedly, and I’m now just trying to shove it back in the bag it came in, which also isn’t working.

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“Why can’t someone invent a pop-down tent, wouldn’t that be a better invention than this incredibly annoying device?”

Simon’s wife, Tracey, who was sat watching the spectacle with her children insisted that she knew precisely the technique required to fold the tent, but that Simon had refused her assistance.

She added, “He likes to feel like he’s in control, so I just leave him to it.

“Well, until he collapses into a pile of snot and tears, then I’ll pack it away nice and quick, buy him an ice-cream and we can all go home.”

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