British holidaymaker fuming as local shopkeeper too bloody ignorant to understand a word of English

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A British holidaymaker has been left fuming today after a local shop owner proved too bloody ignorant to understand a word he was saying in English. 

Simon Williams, who is currently on holiday in Spain, revealed his frustrations earlier after being unable to purchase some Carling from a local shop in the resort because the assistant was too stupid to understand him. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “I even started speaking really loudly and slowly so that she could understand.

“Totally f**king ignorant, I just couldn’t believe how stupid she was; she could hardly understand a word of English!

“I wanted to grab a few Carling to drink around the pool, so I decided to nip to a small shop I’d seen and ask them for a four-pack.

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“Anyway, the bloody shop assistant was thick as f**k. Could not understand a single word of what I was saying, and I was speaking perfect English.

“You think they would learn my language, just in case I wanted something, like beans or proper tea bags.

“It’s just plain ignorant if you ask me, she didn’t have a clue. They clearly don’t care about customer service over here.”

Asked to comment on the allegations, local Maria Williams told us, “I do actually speak quite a bit of English, he was just… how do you say… a c**t.”

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