‘Gambling firms advertising on Fantasy Premier League won’t tempt me into betting’ insists man paying £10 entry into six different mini-leagues 

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A man who has paid £10 entry fee into six separate Fantasy Premier mini league’s with his friends has insisted today that he will not be tempted to gamble by advertisers on the site.  

Simon Williams, who is also in four ‘Super Six’ leagues, each costing a further ten pounds,  insisted he wouldn’t start betting earlier just because he played fantasy football.  

Speaking earlier, he told us, “I’ve never gambled in my life.

“And I don’t think I would be tempted by some advertisements on a website.  I’m a lot more sensible with my money than you.

“Obviously I’ve got to join my friend’s mini-league for a tenner,  oh and my work mates one, and the footy lads one, and my wife’s workmates one. 

“All costing ten points to enter. Along with the one at the golf club,  and I can’t not join the school parents one either. 

“But none of that is technically ‘gambling’, so it’s ok. It’s just an entry fee to a thing where you can win all the money.

“Definitely not gambling.”

Asked if he is in any other leagues which require an entry fee we were told, “No. Oh hang on, just four score prediction ones and a football bingo thing, all for a tenner each.”