Brexiters vindicated as Harry Kane transfer proves German star manufacturers need us more than we need them

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Harry Kane has been sold to German giants Bayern Munich for £100m, in a deal that Brexiters are hailing as definitive proof that they need us more than we need them.

The prolonged transfer saga has been completed this morning, with the deal providing a huge £100m boost to EU exports.

However, the largest smiles this morning do not belong to Bayern Munich fans, but to Brexiters.

Brexit voter Simon Williams told us, “Back in 2016, I spent the best part of a year telling anyone who’d listen that German manufacturers need us more than we need them, and finally, I am proved right.

“We manufacture some of the best goal-scorers on the planet, and clearly Brexit has had no impact on our ability to sell to the lucrative EU marketplace.

“The idea that we would struggle to export our best footballers was nothing but Project Fear.”

Meanwhile, Alan Shearer has had champagne for breakfast.