Just bring us the bottle of ketchup with the chips, pub restaurants told

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This bullshit with little pots of ketchup has to stop, Britain’s pubs and burger joints have been told today.

Ketchup, whose manufacturers supply the product in convenient dispensers called ‘bottles’, is increasingly served in thimbles by pubs and restaurants who seem to think people are too stupid to notice how little they’re getting.

“I’ve seen bottles of ketchup in shops and the like, and about half of one is about right for a decent portion of chips,” said regular condiment user Simon Williams.

“But when you get your dinner, the staff bring this tiny little pot with a derisory splodge of ketchup in the bottom and act like they’re doing you some kind of favour, and then act like you’ve asked them to walk the Hindu Kush if you want them to go back to the kitchen for any more.

“Just bring the bloody bottle without all this fannying about and I’ll decide how much I want, not you.”

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Pubs are reminded that customers are not stupid, and if a humanly decent amount of ketchup adds twenty pence to the cost of a meal then that’s fine, just put it on the bill.