Rishi Sunak’s guide to governing with ‘integrity, professionalism and accountability’ while also backing people who tell asylum seekers to ‘f**k off back to France’

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A few short months ago, I gave a speech on the steps of Downing Street, just hours after becoming your prime minister, where I promised a government of integrity, professionalism and accountability. Today that pledge has come full circle as I offer my full-throated support to the Deputy Chairman of the party I lead in his desire for asylum seekers to ‘f**k off back to France’.

There will no doubt be plenty of anti-democratic lefty members of the wokerati who feel I am reneging on my pledge to provide a better standard of government. Well, they are wrong, and I will prove it.

Firstly let us discuss integrity. Was Lee Andertson being honest? Yes, he definitely was. Does he genuinely believe asylum seekers should f**k off back to France? Most definitely. He is forever telling our advisors behind closed doors that foreginers should all f**k off back where they came from.

Fundamentally, Lee Anderson demonstrated real integrity by showing the public precisely who he really is. Much as he did when he suggested lefty lawyers should be sent to Rwanda to ‘teach them a lesson’. Clearly, he believes Rwanda is a place you send people to ‘punish them’, not to start a new life of opportunity. It was a demonstration of integrity that Lee chose not hide behind the facade the rest of us continue to use about Rwanda being a genuinely nice place to send asylum seekers.

As for professionalism, I think you’ll find Lee is being paid handsomely for his opinions, not just by you, the taxpayer, but also by GB News, who are giving him £100k a year to say things like this. That is the very definition of a professional. Let no one be under the impression he is trying to retain his amateur status to compete at the bigot Olympics. The man is a consummate professional.

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And finally, let us discuss accountability. Has Lee been held accountable for using his position as Conservative party Deputy Chairman to give voice to his particularly industrial opinions? Yes. Definitely. He has taken full responsibility for what he said, and as a result, we here in Downing Street have decided everything he said was absolutely fine.

We are so far behind in the polls that we simply can’t afford to alienate the very, err, specific demographic he attracts, and that means giving him our full-throated support, no matter the level of profane and bigoted nonsense he spouts to his credulous followers.

So there you have it. Professionalism, integrity and accountability.

The Conservative way.

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