Man unaware most humiliating moment of his life about to unfold as football rolls towards him in park

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A man in the park is reportedly blissfully unaware that the most humiliating moment of his whole life will occur imminently as a football rolls towards him.

Simon Williams is a gravel-sorter from Chelmsford, Essex. As it is quite a nice day, he is taking a walk in the local park. A group of people are enjoying a kickabout with a football by the goalposts. An errant shot sends the ball rolling towards Mr Williams.

He appears to have no sense of the humiliation that will soon burn through him, the shame that will cause him to consider leaving his family and moving to a new town where no one will know who he is, or what happened in the park that day.

Eleanor Gay is currently in the park, watching the incident.

“It’s kind of grimly fascinating,” she told us.

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“You know what’s going to happen, you feel bad for the guy, but there’s nothing really that you can do about it. The ball is, right now, rolling towards him. I’m just mentally urging him to keep walking, to pretend he didn’t see the ball like most people would. But I can tell he’s not going to, and it’s going to be awful.”

The last thought in Williams’ blissful, happy humiliation-free life, as he approaches the ball, is understood to be, “I bet I can score from here.”

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