Man filming gig on his phone can’t wait to get home and see all the stuff he missed

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A man who has been diligently filming the entirety of a concert can’t wait to get home and find out what he missed whilst he was filming it.

Simon Williams, a man with a really impressive phone, was at a Doves gig and is such a fan of the group that he was determined to record a shakey, poorly focused film of one of their reunion shows.

“I am really looking forward to getting home and watching this because, you know, it sounded really good.”

Mr Williams went on to explain that it’s actually quite hard to see a gig if you’re filming it.

“The problem is that you’ve got to hold the phone above your head so there’s a clear view of the stage, and then you’ve got to keep your attention on the phone so that you’ve always got the stage in shot.”

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There are other issues that can also hinder a quality recording of a gig.

“You have to be aware of people in the crowd near you. I constantly have to be moving around to avoid people who are having a laugh or singing along or saying ‘f**king phone dick’ for some reason.”

However, Mr Williams is convinced it will be worth it.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get home and watch the gig on my phone, although I’ll need to be quiet because the wife will be asleep.

“I remember they played Pounding, I bet that’s going to be great.”

Mr Williams is an enthusiastic gig-goer with nearly seventy recordings of concerts on his phone.

He is unaware of how many times he has come close to being punched in the face.

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