Man from Yorkshire somehow manages not to mention it

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A man from Yorkshire has been praised today after going three whole hours without mentioning it.

33-year old Simon ‘Sazza’ Williams, from Doncaster, is understood to have left Yorkshire some years ago but, unlike his fellow Yorkshiremen, doesn’t feel the need to talk about it all the time.

It is believed that Sazza’s unprecedented reticence over his birthplace is a new record, smashing the previous best ‘Yorkshireman not going on about it’ time by almost two hours.

“It was weird,” friends told us. “Simon – or Big Saz, as he tends to want to be called – was given several opportunities to mention the innate superiority of his birthplace and heritage, and he didn’t mention it once.

“We talked about favourite foods – during which he didn’t mention Yorkshire pudding, Pontefract cakes or Black Pudding once – and sports – and he was completely silent about the Blades, the Owls and how shit Doncaster Rovers are.

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“I’m actually hoping he’s okay and hasn’t got something seriously wrong with him.”

When asked, Simon said that the true mark of a gentleman is not pointing out to other people the ways you’re just plain better than them.