Cardi B performance improves tenfold after she throws mic into the crowd

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A performance by rapper Cardi B was improved by about 90 % after she threw her microphone into the crowd, according to reports today.

With footage emerging of the 30-year-old rapper having a tantrum and throwing her microphone into the crowd, further news emerged that immediately following the mic-throwing incident, the performance had suddenly improved. By a LOT. 

Onlooker Simon Williams confirmed, “Yes, it did improve things by quite a lot. 

“I was watching Cardi B with my girlfriend, because, for some reason, she thinks that it’s entertainment. 

“And I genuinely considered self-harming to avoid listening to any more, it was so unrelentingly absolutely awful. I mean really f**king bad.  But I get it, I’m almost forty and a fan of The Cure – I’m not exactly the right demographic.

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“Then I saw her have a tantrum and throw her microphone away. 

“Well, let me tell you, the performance improved considerably after that. I was pleasantly surprised and utterly relieved. 

“Unfortunately, some security guy retrieved it for her, and she carried on making that noise that she makes.” 

Asked if he likes ANY Cardi B songs at all, we were told, “Are they SONGS? Shit, I thought she was just unwell or something.”

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