“I definitely don’t like Elton John” – Jordan Henderson gives first full interview for Al-Ettifaq FC

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Jordan Henderson has given his first full interview for Al-Ettifaq FC today and revealed his strong belief that homosexual entertainers aren’t very good.

With news emerging this week that former Liverpool captain and vocal supporter of LGBTQ issues, including the rainbow armband campaign, has moved to Saudi Arabia for lots and lots of money, Henderson has moved to refute previous suggestions that he likes Elton John, George Michael and The Communards.

Speaking earlier, he confirmed, “No, I’ve never liked them. I think they’re wrong’uns, and anyone who ever suggested I liked them is lying.

“That video of me singing ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ at the Liverpool Christmas party a couple of years ago is a deep fake.

“I am very pleased to have signed for Al-Ettifac FC, and I look forward to playing in Saudi Arabia, where thankfully, music released by gays is incredibly rare.

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“I only wore that rainbow armband thing because it had nice colours on it.

“But that doesn’t mean I am gay, for liking the rainbow colours, because I’m not. I can’t stress that enough. I don’t want to go to prison, like all the gay people here.

“I’m just looking forward to playing football for my new club and wearing normal laces, which are plain black and totally not gay.”

Asked what the name of his new club is, he told us, “Err… I’ve forgotten to be honest, it’s probably on my payslip – just above that massive row of zeros.”

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