Elderly couple’s garage contains every single tin of paint they’ve ever bought

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The garage of a retired couple has been completely filled up with hundreds of half-empty paint cans.

It’s a well-known fact that paint never goes off. Unused paint should, therefore, be stored in the garage for decades until you die and your children have to throw it all away.

Pensioner Derek Williams prides himself on never wasting a single drop of emulsion, in the fifty years he’s been decorating his house.

“You never know when it will come in handy, do you?” he told us.

“Rooms need redecorating every few years, so why would anyone in their right mind throw away a tin of paint, even if there’s only a little bit left in the bottom?

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“Of course, sometimes you feel like a change of colour, so you have to buy new paint.

“Or sometimes you want to keep the colour, but you can’t remember which walls are Farage White and which are Widdecombe White. So you have to buy new paint.

“Or sometimes the lid’s stuck on really tight, so you have to buy new paint. You’ll prise it off one day – just not right now when time is of the essence.

“Or sometimes you can’t remember which tin contains the paint and which the sugar soap solution – so you have to buy new paint.

“Or sometimes it’s just easier to start a new tin than piss around combining all those dregs.

“It doesn’t mean that any of it should be thrown away, though – just put it in the garage. It’ll keep.

“You’ll use it one day. Definitely.”