Man still playing Wordle

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Reports emerging this morning have revealed that a man is not only still playing Wordle, he is also continuing to share his daily results on social media.

Simon Williams, 39, spends up to ten minutes every morning completing the game now owned by the New York Times, before sharing the result with his friends on Facebook and Twitter, along with a brief commentary on the difficulty of that day’s puzzle.

“I think people like it,” explained Williams, seemingly unaware that his friends are entirely disinterested in his daily Wordle updates.

“I mean, they don’t like the ‘like’ posts, or comment on them, but I have no doubt they enjoy seeing them in their feed every morning as much as I enjoy creating them during my morning bowel movement.

“‘Bowel’ was the answer a few days ago, actually. I got it in four goes despite not having a single green tile before my third go. I think I wrote, ‘tricky one, that’.”

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Meanwhile, friends of Simon have admitted to muting his posts due to the relentless onslaught of Wordle-related content.

As one told us, “We get it, Wordle was the ‘thing to do’ a year ago. Everyone was doing it. I even did it for a while. Then everyone moved on. But Simon seems stuck in the past. If you think of ‘the past’ as mainly being eighteen months ago.

“He appears to have this addictive streak to his personality. God help him if he ever tries smack.”

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