It’s really difficult to make a billion pounds in profit when you can only raise prices by 60% for millions of people, insist British Gas executives

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After British Gas announced billion-pound profits for the first half of the year, energy executives have been quick to point out just how hard it is to make a profit when you only sell a human necessity and can only raise prices by over 60% in a year.

Energy industry spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “Some people might suggest that British Gas making a profit of over £60 every SECOND while pensioners ride the bus to keep warm is something of an immoral travesty. But remember, it’s just the market forces that we love and hold so dear working their magic.

“If the market wants your granny to freeze to death this winter while energy company executives can buy a third Caribbean home to keep themselves warm, then so be it.

“No one is forcing you the buy the stuff that powers your home. You can choose to live entirely ‘off grid’ if you want to. Anyone suggesting we are benefiting from the sale of a human necessity clearly hasn’t read a history book, because humans lived for thousands of years without gas or electricity.

“Energy executives work incredibly hard in those meetings where they sit and decide how much to increase your bills, before raising them by the maximum amount they are legally allowed to. And they deserve to be well rewarded for making those difficult decisions. As do those shareholders who were wise enough to invest in a product sold to every single household in the country.

“If you don’t like it, start your own energy company.”