NewsThump issues formal apology in light of latest Nigel Farage revelations

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As several media organisations have issued apologies to Nigel Farage in recent days, we would like to add our own apology for failing to make it clear that we have absolutely no intention of ever apologising to Nigel Farage.

Furthermore, we would like to make it clear that we stand by all of our Nigel Farage coverage, dating back to our first story that involved him in 2010, when we wrote that UKIP blamed his light aircraft crash on EU rules on towing banners across the sky.

Since that point, we have dedicated many of our pages to Nigel’s ongoing attempts to make the world a slightly worse place, and will not apologise for doing so.

From speaking at far-right rallies in Germany, to demonising migrants, to lying about well, everything really, we have always been willing to mock Nigel and his various bigoted positions whenever necessary.

And now, as the self-proclaimed ‘man of the people’ tries to garner further sympathy amongst his credulous simpleton following, for… *checks notes* … being denied an account with a bank that is the exclusive preserve of the 0.1%, we will continue to mock him. We might even use words that suggest he is xenophobic and panders to racists.

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And we will continue to do so, without apology.


If you’d like to support us in our continuing quest to mock Nigel every time he opens his mouth and says something awful, wrong or just plain bigoted, then you can do so here!

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